Platelet Rich Plasma and Use in Regenerative, Cosmetic, and Sexual Medicine



PRP has been around for over 25 years but the science behind it has been sparse in the regenerative, cosmetic and now sexual medicine field. PRP has become increasingly more popular and currently in our medical literature, has shown vast improvements in wound healing, orthopedic, dental and is currently being studied more extensively in it’s application in sexual health.

Currently we need placebo controlled, double blinded studies to substantiate the clinical improvement in the cosmetic and sexual area but practitioners have already been getting great cosmetic results and improvement in male and female sexual health. We are putting together a program in order to educate other physicians and health care providers regarding the science of autologous platelet rich plasma, how it is extracted and centrifuged to create a higher concentration, and then reinjected back into body tissue for regenerative purposes.

Our program will help practitioners understand and be proficient in the aesthetic and sexual health uses for platelet rich plasma. We will highlight the process of collecting and processing PRP, understanding the different factors that are found in PRP, understand the potential benefits of these different growth factors in dermal tissue and corporal tissue and how to inject it back into face, hair and glans/corporal tissue/vaginal tissue. With over half of all men encountering some type of sexual dysfunction within their life, the need for regenerative therapies like, Platelet-Rich Plasma are in high demand.

Training includes:
– PRP didactic
– Science / Applications
– Treatment protocols (most effective & up-to-date)
– Pre & Post Care Procedure Instruction
– Equipment & Device considerations/resources
– Recommended Marketing
– Course Literature & Certificate
– Live-demonstrations / Hands-on experience


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