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The Mass Exodus From Medicine

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Medicine, a profession long enshrined in prestige, is starting to lose its appeal. For some physicians, the desire to serve their community and share the benefits of accumulated years of knowledge, experience and application, has been overshadowed by severe burnout. What is burnout and how does it present in doctors? Burnout is chronic work-related stress.…

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Opening a Med Spa Step-by-Step

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Opening any business is an exciting moment in your life.  There’s so much to think about and so much to do. But opening a med spa is a horse of a different color.  It’s a highly specialized business and with that specialization comes planning which takes into consideration the needs of the sector and its…

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Can Non-Doctors Own Medical Spas?

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Many states have legislation which prohibits the provision of services like those offered in a med spa by people other than doctors (or a corporation owned by the doctor).  But even if you live in a state with legislation mandating physician ownership, you can still be a principal in the daily operations of a medical…

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Top Medical Spa Legal Issues

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Medical spas offer services which are considered to fall under the rubric of medicine.  They are therefore governed by the same regulatory frameworks as exist for other providers of medical services. And that means a regulatory labyrinth which is easy to run afoul of. But some medical spas go so far as to be knowingly…

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